Crash Pads

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-Measurements: 129x116x12 cm

-Closed Measurements : 64x116x24 cm.

-Weight : 6 kg .
-Foams : Inner padding  3 layers / 3 densities 

 1. 20 mm  Visco Elastica memory foam 50 kg

 2. 80 mm PUR foam 30 kg HR (High Resilience)

 3. 20 mm PE foam 30 kg

-Manufactured: Nylon 1000D / Waterproof fabric .
-Thickness : 12 cm

-Mat cleaner: rug cleaning shoes climbing, MF logo embroidery 
-Closure system: Aluminium Loop buckles. Lighter and more resistant
-Transportation system: Special adjustable padded straps and waist closure.
-"Top Foam Surface": Full latex memory foam at the upper part. Foam 25 mm 

-"Doubleface concept ": Sistem Soft Side/Hard Side.concept allows for the choice of landing surface, depending on the height of fall or jump.

-"One Piece System": Buckle system at the lower part of the pad to transform into a rigid piece.

-"Double stitching": Double stitched reinforcement in every union. Long product lifetime.

- Limited edition, handmade product.